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    Welcome WiFi’s technology solutions help businesses automatically create connections that build customer loyalty, revenue and reputation.

    Welcome WiFi collects the email, demographic information and visit behavior of customers just by inviting them to log on to your in-store wifi. Your business can then use that information to better target your marketing campaigns, so that you reach the right customers at the right time. WiFi marketing is an essential tool for any brick-and-mortar business in 2019.

    According to SmallBizTrends February 2019 article “WiFi marketing is being touted as the latest must-have for your small business toolbox.”

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    [agni_service choice="2" icon="pe-7s-pen" title="Connect With Your Customers" divide_line=""]Loyal customers are your most valuable customers. Welcome WiFi helps you reward their loyalty, while incentivizing past customers to return through easy to use email and social media campaigns.[/agni_service]
    [agni_service choice="2" icon="icon-basic-smartphone" title="Better WiFi Experience" divide_line=""]Just having “free WiFi” isn’t good enough anymore … it needs to be fast! With Welcome WiFi technology, your customers will enjoy a much faster and more reliable experience on their mobile devices.[/agni_service]
    [agni_service choice="2" icon="ion-ios-star-outline" title="Remote Management" divide_line=""]On the road growing your business? On vacation? Our easy-to-use web portal allows you to control your WiFi network, and monitor all the data it provides … from anywhere in the world![/agni_service]
    [agni_service choice="2" icon="pe-7s-mouse" title="24x7 Online Support" divide_line=""]Welcome WiFi is designed to be as User friendly as possible, but we know there will be times you will need our support. We are here to ensure an awesome WiFi experience for you.[/agni_service]
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